Office Productivity Analysis

Develop and boost your employees’ productivity.

What is office productivity analysis?

Accent’s workspace productivity analysis helps to optimise your office’s effectiveness in allowing employees to produce the best work they possibly can. Improving productivity is always a goal for successful businesses. Maximising the productivity of employees, technology, and structures within companies ultimately lead to increased profits, and the creation of a cohesive Team culture.

Workspace productivity analysis is a core component of the research before embarking on an interior designoffice fit out or office relocation, making it essential for boosting the potential of any environment, no matter how large or small the task at hand.

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energie Group

energie Group were looking to build a new stunning HQ workspace for the fast-growing fitness franchise.  Following their initial meeting with Accent, where they identified Accent’s passion for people and not just interiors, we supported them in creating concept designs and working collaboratively to achieve a deal with the Landlord.  Upon securing the new space, Accent then proceeded with the full delivering of the new iconic workspace, which included the HQ space and a gym area too. We were both delighted with the results of this fit out.

To learn more about office refurbishments in Milton Keynes and how this could help your business in the area, visit our page here.

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How can productivity analysis benefit your business?

Accent’s workspace productivity analysis service assesses the effectiveness of your office or workspace, while then combining our efforts to understand the scope for improvement and strategies to make this happen. Our future-proof model is designed to be flexible, as we are well aware that workspaces changes with personnel and equipment.

Basing our strategy on this allows us to produce a solution that is long-term and most effective for you. We keep in mind that offices can change through office refurbishment and renovations, but the core concepts remain in place, creating complete agility that is sure to delight.

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