How to manage remote workers effectively

As more companies embrace agile working practices, with several staff working remotely, managers discover that they need support or even training to implement this approach successfully. Credible training courses now address ‘technical skills and new behaviours’ for an effective management style in this new workplace frontier.


With the lack of in-person interaction, camaraderie and collaboration can suffer. Working to counteract this through regular catch-ups can be tricky to fit in. Nearly one-third of CEOs find that not having enough ‘face time’ with remote workers is a key challenge, according to a study by Robert Half Technology, a human resource consulting firm. They also cite lack of insight into how much their remote workers are actually accomplishing, and difficulty ensuring they have all the information they need.

A tailored way of working addresses these difficulties. Outline your expectations with clear goals, make time for online meetings, and use tools such as cloud-based platforms and video conferencing, which are invaluable.

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