Getting in the zone: The rise of the flexible workspace

More companies are becoming ‘agile’ by adopting alternative work practices and encouraging a high-trust culture. The practical side of this modern approach is the provision of a flexible workspace designed to support the various modes of working – from quiet, focused work to active collaboration.


With the facility for cloud-based project management, the location of staff is no longer a prime factor. A survey of 200 HR directors by recruitment consultancy, Robert Half, shows an increase in remote working of 37% over three years. And it’s estimated that the average workstation is only occupied 42% of the typical day. As a result, companies are motivated to shrink and repurpose their workspaces, to make cost savings and promote productivity.

It’s increasingly the norm to provide a number of different, specially equipped work zones for staff to choose from. Some of these include hot desks, breakout areas and quiet zones, as well as meeting areas. Innovative furniture designs cater for this workspace strategy, with a solution for every setting.

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