Personal Message from Managing Director

2015 has been an exciting year for all Accent stakeholders, largely due to the great culture that is enjoyed and practised.  These stakeholders includes our staff, clients, Sub-contractors and the many other people that are with us on our journey of success! Developing the right culture within Accent has been my key focus this year, and will continue to be for as long as I lead the organisation. This comes as one of our 5 C’s (core values) which are the foundation of Accent – Creativity, Commitment, Confidence, Culture and Care.  


“Creating spaces where people love to work” is the reason why the Team at Accent get out of bed in the morning and come to work.  I am proud to publish, and nevertheless pleased to know that Accent reflect this vision internally as seen in our recent Staff survey where 100% of staff voted that they “look forward to coming to work most if not all of the time”.  Franklin Covey’s ‘Leading at the speed of Trust’ 2 day training course that I recently attended has enabled me to learn and share the 13 key behaviours essential for building and maintaining the champion team.  It has been my weekly business to share this training with departmental Teams, with clients, with friends and family since I see this fundamental to creating and maintaining quality trustworthy relationships.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the great Team at Accent for their work in 2015, our valued clients who have contributed to this success, and our sub-contractors and suppliers for supporting us in achieving our mission.  We look forward to a prosperous 2016 by sharing and developing this great culture further!

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