We assist London’s Air Ambulance to equip its breakout area

The world-renowned London’s Air Ambulance treats an average of five critically injured patients every 24 hours, working alongside the London Ambulance Service. We were pleased to provide café furniture at a charitable rate for their new headquarters in Aldgate, London.


‘Thanks so much for your support in making our new office a lovely sociable space that people enjoy working in,’ commented Jade Stapleton, HR Business Partner at London’s Air Ambulance.

Each response team includes an advanced trauma doctor and paramedic who race to an incident scene within minutes, in a helicopter or fast-response car. The clinical and aviation teams are based at their helipad facilities at The Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel, near their new office on the fifth floor of a building on Mansell Street. Through our contribution, as part of our commitment to social responsibility, vibrant café furniture has helped to create a distinctive breakout area where the staff can be refreshed and have informal team discussions.

This charity is dependent on the private sector and the people of London to provide their life-saving services. The office move was helped by a donation of £241,000, which was awarded from Libor funds in February to go towards their new premises.