Tech tools enable collaboration in the digital workplace

Known as ‘teleworking’, remote working is a growing phenomenon. The 2015 Global Telework Survey by PGI, a collaboration software provider, found that 79% of those surveyed worldwide work remotely at least once a week. Developments in technology facilitate this work arrangement; for example, broadband makes video conferencing possible.


The traditional office is changing to one that is digital, with its foundations ‘in the cloud’. Companies are keeping up by providing a virtual work environment that keeps data secure. Company-issued tools include laptops, virtual private network (VPN) software, audio conferencing and corporate intranet. Video conferencing tools are especially valuable for enabling staff to collaborate. Non-verbal information is important for communication, and having ‘face time’ strengthens work relationships.

Co-workers can easily use Google Hangouts to chat via video for free, and share their screen and files. Skype is also a popular choice for video conference calls. Software companies continue to produce innovative solutions for the digital workplace. For top remote-working tools, click to our in-depth article on agile working here.