All was on track for this global player’s renewed premises

A world leader in integrated railway systems, Alstom is present in over 60 countries. Alstom’s London headquarters in High Holborn is one of our larger prestigious projects – over 45,000 sq ft, with a value of £80,000.


Alstom manages a wide range of solutions, from high-speed trains to tramways, including maintenance and modernisation. In fact, this company was responsible for updating the 1995 stock fleet of the Northern Line, comprising 106 trains, over a two-year upgrade programme. When it came to refurbishing their own premises, Alstom had high expectations, which we were pleased to fulfil. The refurbishment works on the eighth floor of the building included partitioning, mechanical and electrical works, carpeting, decorating and furniture.


To minimise any impact on the staff, the project was completed out of the usual work hours. The reception was a key addition as a bold statement to welcome visitors. Throughout the new workspace, the minimalist style – with the use of glass, stainless steel, textured deep grey and white – conveys authority and provides a calm, modern setting. You can view this project here