Workplace Design Can Improve Your Profitability

Workplace design has a direct impact on profitability. Accent have been out investigating some of the most interesting workplace design trends and ideas that could have a positive impact on your bottom line.

7 Workplace Design Improvements

Workplace design has a direct impact on profitability. How? Well, Richard Branson believes that companies are not in the business of taking care of customers. He believes that businesses are, in fact, better placed for success if they channel their efforts into taking care of their employees. Why? Because employees are the ones who take care of your customers. And a happy employee is much more likely to create a happy customer.

So it makes sense that businesses around the world are experimenting with all kinds of initiatives to keep their employees happy, productive and profitable. Here at Accent Office Interiors, we’re obsessed with creating inspirational spaces that people love to work in, so we’ve been out investigating some of the most interesting workplace design trends and ideas that could have a positive impact on your bottom line.

Here’s what we discovered…

1. Smell is underrated

When was the last time someone walked into your office and exclaimed: ‘What’s that smell?!’

But in a good way.

Banks in eastern countries, in particular Japan, have been adding citrus-based aromatherapy oils to the ventilation systems for years to alleviate the stress of standing in queues. In high-output environments like call centres engaged in sales or troubleshooting, this technique could significantly lift the mood and productivity levels;

2. Natural light really matters

Sunlight regulates the circadian rhythms which affects people’s energy levels and their ability to concentrate. Therefore buildings with natural sunlight make for healthier, happier employees. Science says so;

3. Green calms and cleans

Plants not only have a calming effect on office environments, but they also help clean the
air. This natural filtration system can reduce the exposure employees have to the
collective germs that accumulate wherever large groups of people are working together,
especially in the ever-popular open-plan office environment;

4. Pay my staff to sleep? Are you kidding?!

We’re serious. Excessive overwork for extended periods of time causes stress, health issues, absenteeism, plus several other forms of dysfunction. But when you’re up against a deadline, it’s not always possible to send everyone home early. EnergyPods are used by Google, Huffington Post, Mercedes, NASA and Virgin Active to help team members unwind or take a power nap between meetings;

5. Make space for fun

The office that plays together, stays together. By creating areas that are specifically for team games and inclusive activities, you encourage camaraderie between colleagues. By feeding the intrinsic human need ‘to belong’, team members become less likely to avoid work or take unnecessary sick days – after all, nobody wants to let the team down;

6. Encourage movement

They say sitting is the new smoking. As standing desks are being introduced in schools around the world to help fight obesity, it’s a matter of time before the standing becomes the new norm in many offices around the UK.

Encourage your team members to move around. Employees who get up and walk every hour or so are less likely to suffer from stiffness and other conditions such as poor micro-circulation, and a pain-free employee is more likely to be a happy employee;

7. Flexible spaces

In the same way that working hours have become more flexible for employees, so has the space in which they work every day. The growing trend for modular furniture that can easily be moved around and reconfigured into different layouts, allows you to quickly alter the appearance and dynamic of the working environment. This can be done on a whim just to keep the space interesting – or perhaps on a project basis to keep the teams fresh;

These examples of how good workplace design can have a positive affect on your bottom line are just the beginning. To find out how we can help you transform your office into a healthy, happy hive of productivity, contact the team at Accent today – we’d be delighted to hear from you.