Workplace Design: The Key to Attracting Top Talent

How Workplace Design Can Improve Employee Wellbeing

Workplace Design – Your Secret Weapon in Building a Team of Winners

A key characteristic of the most successful companies is the ability to attract and retain the best talent. However, building a business bursting with a-gamers is no mean feat. An attractive, spacious, stimulating workplace environment is paramount in being able to attract and keep the best of the best. Here’s a rundown of the things you should consider if you want a steady stream of proven winners knocking your door down…

Work hard, play hard

Top talent are often ambitious folk who spend more time at work than the average employee. Because they put in the hours, they are more likely to want their workspace to offer them opportunities for relaxation and downtime without necessarily needing to leave the building. Fitness and recreational facilities such as treadmills, showers, foosball machines, media rooms with movie and music libraries and reading rooms are a great inclusion. Who says that a meeting between colleagues couldn’t take place while they run next to each other on treadmills? Or that a project team meeting couldn’t take place on beanbags outside in the Summer?

Innovators need innovation

The top talent are usually the best problem solvers and often the creators of new products or services. These are the people that can change the fortunes of an organisation with one idea – and they need to be engaged and challenged by their surroundings. Whether this is modular office furniture that can easily transform and change around to keep things interesting, or investment in new technologies that engage and inspire. Real a-gamers are curious types. The more you invest in keeping your top talent stimulated, the more return on investment you are likely to see from them.

Change is the only constant

Very little these days is constant. The new generation of employees have never known a world without the internet, fast-paced change is in their DNA. The best workplace designs build variety in at ground level. For example, having a workplace that is flexible enough for someone from Accounts to go and work within the Sales team for a week, or for the Managing Director to work in the Customer Services workspace for a few days is a great way to break down barriers, keep things fresh and build trust throughout the team.

Knowledge is power

The best employees have an innate thirst for knowledge and want the opportunity for continual learning. Whether it’s a professional qualification related to their role within the organisation or simply a desire to learn another language or a musical instrument, by helping your employees further themselves with online learning applications and a quiet, private environment – you are helping each individual become the very best version of themselves. Building a sense of trust and gratitude with team members that goes deeper than the usual transactional employer / employee relationship is key to retaining the best people.

Taking care of excellent performers and their needs is an investment that goes beyond saving on recruitment costs and the loss of intellectual capital (should they choose to leave.) It is an investment in the people who, as they mature with the company, will bring fuller and ever richer returns to the table. If your workplace design isn’t feeding your top talent’s need for change and innovation, they are likely to seek it elsewhere.