Join us and take up our feel-good challenge for a top charity

We have planned a special challenge, in aid of a worthy cause – Keech Hospice Care, where Accent founder Paul Edwin Hibbert experienced wonderful care and support. We’re asking Accent staff and clients to help raise funds for this charity through sponsorship by friends and family. And for every donation secured, Accent management will match it!

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The task we’ve chosen doesn’t involve dumping a bucket of cold water on your head, but some serious caffeinators might say this challenge is more extreme. Intrigued? From 13 February, all you would need to do for seven days is to make sure that the only beverage that passes your lips is pure water. Keep breathing – you still have the choice of sparkling or still!

When you sacrifice your coffee or tea in the morning, reach for a warm glass of water with a squeeze of lemon, instead. This offers several benefits, including activating your digestive system, and easing any nasal and throat congestion. And then there’s the benefit to your budget, too, in saving the money on your daily cappuccino, etc.

During Drink Water Only Week, a post-work pint or glass of wine would be off the menu too. While it may seem tough, it should leave you feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed – the scientists say so! The staff of the New Scientist gave up alcohol for a month (do let us know if you’d like an extended challenge..!) and found that the measured levels of weight, cholesterol, glucose and liver fat decreased, while their sleep, wakefulness, concentration and work performance improved.

So there you have it, you can feel good about raising money for an excellent charity, while you and your wallet are in better health too. And if we’re in it together, we can be sure to encourage each other as we top up our water glasses. For interesting facts to share, check out these FAQs.


Remember, you don’t need to drink a set amount of water, such as ‘a gallon a day’. That’s the Water Gallon Challenge, a whole different story! However, Googling that challenge will point you to some great recipes for tasty infusions. Our favourite is slices of strawberry, mint, cucumber and lime.

Do let us know your top infusion flavours, and how you’re enjoying the challenge. We’re looking forward to feeling more sprightly while building up funds for Keech Hospice Care – a charity that’s close to our hearts. Throughout this month, those people taking part will be able to raise donations, which we will then match.

How to donate:
If you do all your fundraising via JustGiving, the funds will be transferred directly to Keech Hospice Care, thank you!