Office design: the power of people – in the right space (why you should consider redesigning your office)

Just as our individual identity is often shaped by our environment, so also the identity and culture of our business is defined by our workplace environment. This identity informs not only how people perceive the business externally, but how employees respond to it internally. An old-fashioned or poorly designed office space can inhibit employee happiness and stunt productivity. A modern or simply well-designed office, however, can ensure that employees are physically comfortable, healthy, happy and highly motivated.

This is the fundamental importance of office design – what we like to call ‘The Power of People in the Right Space’. In our latest blog, we want to take you through a handful of reasons why you should consider redesigning your office in 2017.

Be Flexible, Be Better

The modern workforce is changing. No longer are all company employees tied to their desk from 9-5. Some may work remotely for part of the week, while others may be out on the road or working partially in another branch. The needs of these employees, who may make up a substantial portion of your workforce, will by nature be quite different to those who are in Monday-Friday, 9-5.

This part of your workforce may not need dedicated desk space, or a dedicated keyboard and monitor. If they work remotely, meeting with clients and representatives from other branches, then they will bring their devices with them out in the field, and back again into the office. Equally, if they are meeting regularly with clients, they may spend much of their actual office time in conference with groups of people. In this case, they will require an open and flexible meeting space, whether informal or formal, in which to conduct their business.

Attract the Best

A company is only as strong as its employees, and while an office redesign will help to get the very best out of your existing workforce by providing them with an environment in which they can thrive, it will also serve a key selling point when it comes to attracting the best new talent to your business. If you’re competing for highly-qualified individuals whose services are in high demand, then you shouldn’t underestimate the pulling power of your office space. This is one of the first things they see when they google your location before deciding to apply for a vacancy, and is likely to be the location for their first physical encounter with your company. Ultimately, you will find it far easier to attract high-quality talent to your business if you have a high-quality office space in which to accommodate them.

Bring Your Company into 2017

Technology and design has changed the way we live and the way we work. As a consequence, many old workplaces are increasingly looking their age. An office redesign provides you with the opportunity to bring your company firmly into 2017, and to harness all the technological and design advances made over the past few years for the good of your business. For example, you could employ ‘quiet spaces’, dedicated work-pods which allow employees who need room to focus the space to be productive. For employees who need to let off steam in their free time and want more space to socialise with their co-workers, ‘social spaces’ may be a good idea. Finally, one of the best ways to harness technology to boost productivity is by using integrated technologies in the workplace. Integrated technologies, which sync laptops, phones, tablets and big screens, delivers a state-of-the-art work environment for your employees, and provide them with all the means necessary to produce exceptional work.

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