Increase your staff productivity in 2017,
whilst still hearing yourself think.

Following the success of our last seminar, we’re excited to announce our next event which will focus on staff productivity, employee engagement and the importance of a happy and healthy workplace.

If you’ve ever been at work and struggled to hear yourself think, you’ll understand just how distracting a noisy office can be. Naturally, this distraction can have a negative impact on staff focus, however, there are some easy fixes to get to grips with acoustic control and office design for maximum productivity.

In this seminar, we’ll share with you how small changes in the office environment like focusing on comfort, lighting and acoustics, can provide your workforce with the boost they need! We’ll also share with you simple communication techniques and employee engagement methods which will help benefit your workplace.

To register your interest in our seminar, please email and we’ll be in touch with further details. If you have any queries, please feel free to call 08456 595911

Date – 20th July 2017
Time – 12.30-1.30PM this is a lunchtime seminar, with food/drinks/refreshments provided
Location – Melton Street, Euston, London