CPL Aromas – A state of the art fragrance laboratory


CPL Aromas are one of the world’s leading fragrance houses. Their fragrances, which attract some of the world’s largest brands and perfumers, are driven by a unique approach to research, creativity and innovation. In order to solidify their position at the forefront of their industry, CPL took the decision in 2015 to revolutionise their production site in Brixworth, Northamptonshire. To undertake the million pound project, CPL turned to Accent, a company who share their commitment to creativity and innovation, and possess the experience and expertise to make even the most ambitious designs a reality.



The design

For CPL, the design had to satisfy a variety of criteria. To begin with, they wanted to create an environment which refined the product creation process and enabled their technicians & perfumers to create with greater efficiency and accuracy. The design also had to provide a space for CPL’s extensive research efforts, to create new fragrances and evaluate existing ones. In addition to the practical concerns of the design, there were also aesthetic considerations, and CPL specified a unique style throughout which would transform the physical appearance of the company.



The features

All in all the new CPL Aromas production site consisted of 10 smelling booths, 5 toilet rooms, 3 bathrooms, a QC Lab, a stability lab, an emanation room, a research and development lab, evaluation rooms and a perfumer’s organ. The design-and-build delivered by Accent included a number of unique features, designed to provide the perfect environment for fragrance research and creation. All rooms were created using non-porous materials, while individually controlled air purification systems which provide an odour free evaluation environment were also specified. Accent also created airtight smelling booth doors with a smelling hatch. As there is currently no off the shelf airtight door on the market which provides this functionality, this was a bespoke solution created by Accent for this specific build.



The challenges

Such a unique build provided its own challenges. CPL’s research technicians needed the ability to flush 8 toilets, empty and refill 3 baths and fill 10 sinks all at once. The incoming 15mm supply main with a regular pressure was insufficient for these demands so we installed a tank system which gave us the ability to fill up a large tank and store enough water at any one time to be able to deliver the required amount of water. As with every aspect of the design and build process, such challenges, when they arose, were overcome by understanding the client’s needs in absolute detail, and thorough detailed and bespoke design monitoring.


The £1.1 million CPL Aromas project was completed in 18 weeks, two weeks ahead of schedule. It is the first research and development facility of its kind in the UK that has such a high specification of products and finishes. CPL now have a production site befitting of their international status, one which enables their technicians to develop new and exciting fragrances, and to test their fragrances more frequently and more accurately. All testing facilities are now under one roof for the first time, allowing existing and prospective clients to test perfume, bath products, toilet products and personal care products in one building, something which is of particular importance to large retailers. CPL can also expect to attract new clients and the best technical staff, each of whom will be attracted in different ways to this state of the art production site.

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