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How much time do you spend looking after your car? Probably quite a lot if you care about keeping it in good condition, running smoothly and looking respectable in the company car park. But when you consider how much time you and your colleagues spend at work, doesn’t it make sense to look after your workspace to the same standard?

Just as your car’s appearance creates an impression of you, your workspace helps project your company’s image and reputation. So if you have invested in an inspirational new office, it doesn’t make sense for your investment to be undermined by failing to keep it at its best. An office can go from smart to shabby very quickly if there is no conscious effort to maintain it – once there is a scuff or two, a third just won’t seem to matter so much. The result is that as well as staff morale sinking, anyone seeing your workspace will get a poor first impression. This isn’t great if they’re a customer, and just as bad if it’s a prospective employee. A proven road to attracting and keeping sharp, talented people who are professional and presentable is to ensure your space demonstrates the same attributes. After all, your team probably spend more time at work than they do at home: morale is not all about pay rises, it’s about workplace environment and culture.

However, maybe the time and effort to keep your workspace in prime shape just isn’t available. Fortunately, just as with keeping your car in tip-top condition, there is another option: you can get someone else to do it for you. Which is where Accent Upkeep™ comes in…

Upkeep™ is designed to preserve and protect your investment in your people and your property. It’s your insurance policy against wear and tear, covering maintenance and repairs outside the fit-out warranty. We will share our knowledge and expertise to make your space work even harder for you, in order to achieve long term cost savings. Our Planned Preventative Maintenance programs will keep your workspace running smoothly. Of course, when repairs are needed Upkeep will see to them, but its proactive approach will mean fewer repairs are necessary in the first place. Think cars again: one that is regularly serviced is much less likely break down. Upkeep™ is about preventing workspace breakdowns that cause operational downtime and unnecessary extra expense.

Using UpKeep™, you can give us the responsibility for keeping your workspace in great condition and be confident that services will be delivered to a high benchmark, in a timely and reliable fashion.

So don’t let your investment in a refurbished workspace deteriorate. Keep it smart, and keep everyone happy and motivated. Visit the Upkeep page to find out more about the 7-step process we use to find the right programme for you.

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