5 ways your workspace can make you more competitive in your industry

What will you do to get the edge over your competition? Increase productivity, improve team spirit, or employ the best and the brightest in your field?
There’s one way you can do all that and more – by designing the kind of office that modern employees thrive in.Here at Accent, we have decades of experience in empowering excellence in your industry through the power of office design. We share just 5 ways your workspace can make you more competitive in your industry.

Increased Productivity
Gensler’s 2016 UK Workplace Survey found that in order to be innovative, workers need access to a variety of different working spaces, quiet spaces to focus and open social spaces for collaboration.Elsewhere, a survey from ‘What Workers Want’ uncovered some worrying findings. More than a quarter of employees surveyed felt that their current workplace was impeding their productivity, while 53 percent said that their productivity would increase in their ideal work environment. Evidently good office design goes far beyond a fresh lick of paint and new office furniture, and in fact, can drastically impact your bottom line through increased employee productivity.

Enhanced Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is related to productivity, but is unique, and important, in its own way. Productivity is concerned purely with output, while engagement is more personal, and relates to how an individual feels about their work, their working environment, and the organization overall. A global study by Steelcase recently found that one-third of workers across 17 of the world’s most important economies consider themselves to be actively disengaged. Crucially, the study found a strong correlation between high workplace satisfaction and high employee engagement, with employees who exert greater control over their work environment (such as access to private working spaces) reporting the highest levels of engagement.

Winning Team Spirit

The design of your office can play a significant role in bringing your employees together, and really fostering a strong bond and team spirit. Workers who are confined to cubicles and unable to socialise freely with their colleagues are unlikely to feel a strong bond with one another, impacting employee engagement and productivity, not to mention well-being. Human beings are social animals and are generally happiest when they are allowed to interact with other people. To encourage this kind of interaction at work, and to build team spirit, as a result, consider an open plan office as an alternative to the isolated cubicle, and create shared social spaces where your team can congregate to collaborate, or just get to know one another.

Retain and Attract the Best Talent

Recent research from behavioural change company Empirica found that as many as a quarter of employees would consider taking a pay-cut for a better work environment. This is significant, because, while salary is clearly the priority for the majority, office design is crucial when modern employees evaluate their sense of fulfilment in their job. In this way, office design can help you to retain your existing employees, and, equally, to attract the best industry talent to your organisation.

Make Your Company Agile 

Technology is rapidly changing the way we live and the way we work. In days gone by, each worker needed to be tied to their desk from 9-5 to communicate effectively with their colleagues and their customers or clients. Today, with the advent of mobile computing and cloud storage, employees can theoretically work on the other side of the world while collaborating on the same spreadsheet in real time. While you may not want to encourage intercontinental collaboration, you can still allow your employees the flexibility to control their work environment – whether that be in a group, in private, or at home – leading to engaged, motivated and productive employees, and an agile, flexible workspace.

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