New Cambridge Showroom

We’re delighted to announce the opening of our new showroom in Cambridge on Thursday, 2nd November 2017. Further to our existing 3 locations, this new space will be located at the Cambridge Innovation Park, a high-quality, state-of-the-art new build office space.


Limitless Potential

Our decision to open a second showroom in Cambridge reflects the exciting potential in this region and our ambitions for growth. Cambridge is home to almost 25,000 companies and over 200k employees, responsible collectively for a combined turnover of £36.5bn, so the prospect of servicing more clients in this growing region is an exciting one.

We’ll be able to offer our unique services to pioneering and innovative companies that we feel a synergy with, and those that understand the value of investing in their staff. The potential in Cambridge is limitless, and we’re delighted to deliver the kind of state-of-the-art workspaces that empower excellence and inspire productivity.

Cultivating Excellence

In addition to our already existing Cambridge-based clients, we’re taking our expertise to the top industries in the area, as well as enabling smaller start up’s to have a Google experience in their workplace. The workspaces which we’ve already created for our valued clients have helped to increase employee engagement, optimise staff productivity and cultivate an atmosphere of excellence throughout the company.

The opportunity to replicate this effect in Cambridge is our motivation for opening our new showroom, and we hope that you’ll join us for our event this Thursday, 2nd November. Alternatively, please feel free to drop by over the coming weeks, or call us to make an appointment on 08456 595911.

Cambridge Innovation Park
Blenheim House,  Denny End Road,  Waterbeach,  Cambridge,  CB25 9QE

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