Office Relocation Checklist – What are the Steps to a Successful Office Move?



There are many reasons why you might choose to move office. The business might have been grown, you may want something slightly cheaper or there could be an area that just makes more sense for you and your team. Whatever the motivation for the move, an office relocation can be stressful.

As veterans of successful office relocations, we know that the key to the process is planning. Putting in place a detailed project plan that covers every aspect of the move can reduce downtime and make sure everything reaches your new home in one place. But what should your office relocation checklist include? This is the Accent Office Interiors guide.

1. Assess your changing needs

The first step of any office relocation checklist is to think carefully about why your current workspace no longer meets your needs. The goals of your move need to be clearly defined as they can be all too easily forgotten along the way. Possible goals might be to:

• Upsize

• Downsize

• Find a property you can buy rather than rent

• Reduce your overheads

• Move to a more beneficial location for your team


Think about the short-term and long-term needs of your business. Ask yourself whether the right premises for you now will still meet your needs three or five years down the line. At this stage, it’s also wise to gather all the facts that are pertinent to the move. For example, when does your current lease expire, how long is your notice period and what is your budget? Answering these questions will really help you focus your mind on the move ahead.

2. Get the ball rolling

Once you have a clear idea about exactly what you want to achieve with the move, it’s time to get started. We recommend that you give yourself at least 12 months to start searching for alternatives and weigh up the benefits and costs of each. Starting the process early will give you the opportunity to negotiate the very best price without having to rush through a deal.

3. Put your relocation team together

Managing an office relocation, even for a small business, is likely to be more than a single member of your team can handle. Instead, assign a number of your staff to different roles based on their skills, experience and the amount of time they’re likely to have available at different stages of the process. It’s essential to assign a project leader within the company who can liaise with all the external parties involved as well as the internal relocation team. Your project leader must:

• Have the authority to make decisions

• Have the trust of senior management

• Be an excellent organiser

• Have experience of setting and working within budgets

• Be able to communicate clearly and solve problems

4. Plan your new office

The next step on your office relocation checklist is to start planning how your new office space will look. There are many different factors to consider so it might be advisable to work with a third-party who can help you put a detailed plan together. You should think about things like:

• What your new floor plan will look like

• How many desks you’ll need

• Where partition walls should be installed

• Where bottlenecks existed in your previous office and how they can be resolved

• Whether there are any accessibility issues

• Where communal spaces will be placed

• What new office equipment you’ll need

• Mid-move is not the time for a redesign, so make sure you consider every potential stumbling block long before the move date

5. Keep your employees in the loop

Engaging your employees in the process early and keeping them updated throughout is one of the keys to a successful move. You should consider your employees at every stage of the process and even give them the chance to vote on the type of office or location you move to. Giving them some input and providing the right information throughout the process will reduce the stress of moving and give them plenty of time to prepare.

6. Work with the right team

The whole office relocation process can be complex, stressful and extremely time-consuming. The decision you make will impact your business for years to come, so it pays to find a professional team who will guide you through the process and think of all the things you don’t.

Expert office relocation assistance from Accent

At Accent, we support the whole office relocation process from start to finish to make sure every box on your office relocation checklist is ticked. Find out more about our office relocation services and get in touch with our team.

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