Student Design Competition Winner

Student Design Competition Winner

Accent Office Interiors are delighted to announce the winner of our office Design Competition for ‘designing a piece of furniture or concept that every office will need in the future.’

We were overwhelmed by the applications we received and the imagination of the budding young designers who entered the competition. Although we had to pick a single concept as the winner, all the designs we received showed exceptional promise, creativity and forward-thinking.

“A huge thank you to all applicants who entered our design competition. The sheer creativity and thought that went into each design is extremely encouraging for the future of interior design. A special congratulations to the winner and runners-up mentioned below, and keep an eye on Accent’s blog for future competitions to come!”

Without any further ado, below is the winning design concept chosen by Accent’s team of interior design experts.

Drum roll please…


The winner goes to Emily Knevett, from Farnborough 6th Form College, with her Desk Pedals concept:

Design Concept: The design I have created is a small, compact set of pedals which sit under the desk of an office worker and allow them to pedal as they work. They are silent to minimise disturbance to colleagues nearby. The pedals generate electricity as they go which can be used to power the lights in the office. If enough staff members participate, workplaces could set up reward systems, as competition is an effective source of motivation.

Reason I chose my design: The product tackles two issues at once – office workers living unhealthy lifestyles due to the sedate nature of their jobs, and electricity being wasted – so it is twice as beneficial to have in an office. Working hard for electricity can also make people more mindful of how much they are using.

Feedback from Accent: Emily’s concept is a further extension of many dream concepts that we are starting to see in today’s workspace – a perfect mix of worker wellbeing and environmental ambition.

Congratulations to all entrants and thank you for making this such a fabulous design competition with inspiring ideas. Well done especially to Emily who’ll receive her very own Wacom pen tablet for her winning design.

Make sure to check back on Accent Office Interiors’ website for design competitions in the future and the chance to showcase more of your wonderfully creative ideas!

The Accent Team.


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