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Accent are humbled to be able to support two charities over the past few months to help and assist humanity that find themselves in less fortunate circumstances. The two charities we supported were the Arena Community Foodbank in Ilkeston and the Rapid Relief Team who are organising Operation 322, delivering aid to Ukraine.

Charity 1 – Arena Community Foodbank, Ilkeston.

Arena Community foodbank is based at the Community Hub on Belfield Street, Ilkeston. The foodbank was started in response to the needs within Cotmanhay and Ilkeston. It was clear that individuals and families were struggling to afford even the most basic necessities.

Click here to read more on the great work they do –

Charity 2 – Rapid Relief Team United Kingdom

RRT UK are involved in a huge charity event called Operation 322 in delivering much needed aid to Ukrainians impacted by the current crisis (28 truckloads to date!).  It’s tragic to see this situation unfold, but its uplifting to see organisations like the RRT step in to assist and we’re glad to do our small bit to support.

Click here to read the current progress on this amazing project –

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