Rebranding Your Office: Key Considerations For Office Design Transformation

Branding involves creating a distinct identity and positioning in the minds of customers, stakeholders and employees. It is more than just a logo, but how you make people feel through the company’s values, mission, personality as well as visual identity. Your office serves as a direct and visual reflection of your business and your brand. Thus, when your company goes through a rebranding process, your office space should also be transformed.

Rebranding gives you an opportunity to refresh your office space and embrace the new brand identity. In this blog post, we’ll explore essential factors to consider when updating your office design.




Include Components of Your New Brand Identity

Did you change your logo and company’s colours? Or maybe you changed your brand’s personality and values? If yes, all these changes should be mirrored in your office design. The visual aspects of your workplace will help you make people feel more connected to your brand.

Remember to carefully consider how you want to integrate the colours, images, fonts and any other brand elements to effectively convey your new brand and its mission. You could incorporate your brand colours into the furniture and walls to achieve a cohesive finish. Another option could be to create a custom wallpaper that includes all the essential elements of your branding.


a modern office area with a wallpaper


Remember About Functionality and Comfort

While rebranding your office space, you need to keep in mind functionality. Make sure that the proposed changes won’t downgrade the comfort of your employees’ working environment, but improve it. Assess your current office to see how people use the spaces. If you believe your employees would benefit from a more flexible workspace, you may want to consider integrating comfortable seating options and ergonomic furniture.

Moreover, you can ask your team members if there is something they would want to change in the office. Maybe they need more private focus areas or collaborative workstations? It is good to consider how your team works on daily basis and use your employees’ insights. This will definitely help you create an effective workspace.


a modern office area with a wallpaper

Consider The Culture You Want To Create

 Rebranding means that your company has undergone significant changes, leading to a new identity and presence. It is also worth to considering if your workplace culture has evolved in the process. Is there something new you would like to encourage in your office? If yes, your office space can help you facilitate that.

It can help to ask yourself questions such as:

  • Do I want to create a more relaxed space or formal?
  • What atmosphere do I want to create?
  • What does my brand represent and stand for?

Answering such questions will help you make informed decisions and create a workplace culture you want.


In Conclusion

 Rebranding presents you with a great opportunity to reflect your new brand identity through upgrading your office design. By including new brand elements and creating aesthetically pleasing space, you can encourage a vibrant culture and impress your clients.


Looking To Create An Office That Aligns With Your New Branding?

Accent Office will make sure that your new workplace design perfectly matches your rebrand. We will ensure that the final result takes into account both functionality and aesthetics.

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