Total Project Support 24/7

Delivering assurance to clients around the clock.

What is our total project support service?

Projects require an incredible amount of detail to perfect and bring to life. The TPS 24/7 system was created to deliver assurance to clients around the clock – before, during, and even after the project has taken place. This includes a full pre-project briefing, ongoing project tracking, onsite progress meetings and a dedicated project facilitator.

The thoroughness and supportiveness of this system has made it extremely popular for clients who desire transparency and ease of transition.

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How can project support help you?

With work meeting deadlines, expert support throughout the entire process, swift and easy communication, as well as aftercare following the project’s completion, Accent’s project support service continues to delight clients. We ensure that you know what to expect at every point in your project. At the start of any project, be this office fit outoffice refurbishments or interior design we identify potential problems via a purpose-built process, managing any change successfully to minimise tension on site and deliver fantastic results.

Project support begins and ends with being on hand for our clients, never leaving any detail unknown to you and your team. In this way, when an office fit out or interior design project begins, the process is completely transparent and purpose-built for a smooth transition. Discover our project support service by enquiring with us now.

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